Fill your empty space by choosing from twenty amazing concepts.

SO the Q’s

Sometimes for various reasons there are too many empty stores at a shopping center. And unfortunately a couple of empty stores can lead to more empty stores. Mytiful is here to break the curse. Mytiful takes care of empty stores and turn them into desirable retail destinations for the consumers; good colleagues to the existing tenants and more attractive locations to lease for potential tenants.


“There is no “pop up” or temporary look or feel to the stores.
Instead they have added considerable quality to our shopping center.
And the ones in reasonable locations even make money for us, so this is a true win-win”


This was actually a statement made by one of our customers (a landlord).
Record opening from signed contract to grand opening was 9 days.
A great record but we are not sure if we want to do it again 🙂
One month is what it generally takes. And that includes staffing, shopfitting, supply chain management and everything else needed in order to be not only fast but also amazing.



We are top class SPACE OPERATORS
… and here is the brochure… (send us an email, info (at) mytiful.com, and we’ll send it to you asap)



Did you miss the comma? Pick and choose between Women’s fashion, Home, Children’s fashion, Men’s fashion, Outdoor and hunting sports fashion, Shoes, Accessorize, Less famous labels or Up market brand stores. Or maybe even some category we haven’t got on any shelf yet. Just say the word and it’s (probably) yours.
Or choose between
…Functionality and femininity
…Welcome to the urban jungle of contemporary fashion.
…get dressed for business and pleasure
…coolest in town
…Welcome to the Store of Funky Style and Vision!
…Show your power. Change the world.
…Great value for what you value the most
…A new bag is like getting a new friend. It is important. It matters
…Full width modern fashion.
…Look & feel good without spending a fortune
…Come today, tomorrow might be too late!

It’s really all about what your market place needs! Check out some of them  >>>

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