Miss & I - Woman Fashion

Cool Scandinavian twist at it’s best

Miss & I - Full width modern fashion

Look & feel good without spending a fortune.

Miss & I - Scandinavian fashion

…at affordable prices, cool right…

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We care about you. We want you to look & feel good without spending a fortune.


Miss & I are full width modern fashion for women, that don’t want to compromise well being vs looking good. Miss & I features Scandinavian fashion at affordable prices.


You are always welcome to the store for a little break and to have look in our fashion magazines to get inspired.


Price Level
1 is lowest price, 9 is highest price, 5 is average



Market Approach
1 is lowest (typical traditional old school pop up store), 9 is highest, 5 is average



Mental Age Target Group
This means that if this brand target is from 20-35, but you are 15 or 70, don’t worry, this might still be the perfect store for you! Especially if your self-perception is like some 20-35.



Woman, Man

  • Woman 100%
  • Man 0%

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  • Intellectual 0%
  • Practical 0%
  • Emotional 100%
  • Sensual 0%

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