Brands and web stores: Let us run your store – you don’t need to invest in national and local operation.
Landlords: Fill your empty space by choosing from twenty amazing concepts.

Busiga Björnar


There could be a variety of reason for having stores operated by Mytiful. If you are a brand you might be interested in having a store in a country, but not wanting to build an organizations or have employees. Click here for some examples >>>.
Or you are a landlord that for a variety of reasons might have empty stores in your shopping mall >>>. Unfortunately, we all know that empty spaces quickly can lead to more empty spaces.  Mytiful can help you break that trend. We take care of your vacancies and turn them into desirable retail destinations. Not only is this great for your visitors, but our store solutions are also good neighbors to the existent tenants. The location will also be more attractive to lease for your future tenants.


“There is no “pop up” or temporary look or feel to the stores.
Instead they have added considerable quality to our shopping center.”

Mytiful stores will always look like permanent stores without that temporary “pop up”- look.
Stores that are located in attractive locations will also be a financial benefit for you and truly be a win-win situation.


“Fast and Amazing”, was actually a statement made by one of our customers.
Mytiful works with a professional team from the planning stages through the grand opening and continued management. Usually, we need around six weeks to open, but we have opened a store in record nine days!



We are top class SPACE OPERATORS that provides professional custom made-store solutions to help fill your empty stores.
…check out the brochure… send us an email, info (at) mytiful.com, and we’ll send it to you asap.


Our stores range from all kinds of fashion for women, men and children. But we also have great interior design stores, accessories, shoes, sports and outdoor fashion just to name a few. We do not limit ourselves and continue to find new unusual and upcoming brands as well as using bigger and more well-established brand names.

Different catch-phrases define our current concepts…
…Functionality and femininity
…Welcome to the urban jungle of contemporary fashion
…Easy to wear, easy to love
…Coolest in town
…Welcome to the Store of Funky Style and Vision!
…Show your power. Change the world.
…Great value for what you value the most
…A new bag is like getting a new friend. It is important. It matters.
…Look and feel good without spending a fortune
…Come today, tomorrow might be too late!

It’s really all about what your market place needs! Check out some of them  >>>

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