No-47 Welcome to the Store of Funky Style and Vision!

Here’s where New York meets Scandinavia. Somewhere between Prince street and Chelsea.

No-47 Love your home

Welcome to the fashion store for home decoration.

No47 Be careful.

You might get addicted.

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Do you love your home? Or do you want to love it? No47 is the fashion store for home decoration. But be careful. You might get addicted.


It is the detail that matters. With a few items you can change the look of your living room, your kitchen etc. Come and have a look at the latest trends in home decoration.


Hundreds of things to keep or give away – if you can.
One home. One destination. No47.


Price Level
1 is lowest price, 9 is highest price, 5 is average



Market Approach
1 is lowest (typical traditional old school pop up store), 9 is highest, 5 is average



Mental Age Target Group
This means that if this brand target is from 20-35, but you are 15 or 70, don’t worry, this might still be the perfect store for you! Especially if your self-perception is like some 20-35.



Woman, Man

  • Woman 50% 50%
  • Man 50% 50%

mind16 – Brand Category

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  • Intellectual 72% 72%
  • Practical 28% 28%
  • Emotional 0% 0%
  • Sensual 0% 0%

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van penn store front
van penn details

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