Some Edge - a Woman Fashion Statement

Show your power. Change the world.

Some Edge - Fashion before Fashion

Yesterdays’s gone, yesterday’s gone.

Some Edge - Sophisticated and International

Supports your personality.

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Make a statement. Stand out. Show your power. Change the world. NOW.


Some Edge is fashion before it is fashion. Yesterday is over and out – it is tomorrow that counts. And you wear the clothes that show the world, that they are on the edge of being outdated.


They should count you in or they will have to blame them selves. At least you won’t. Neither will we.


Price Level
1 is lowest price, 9 is highest price, 5 is average



Market Approach
1 is lowest (typical traditional old school pop up store), 9 is highest, 5 is average



Mental Age Target Group
This means that if this brand target is from 20-35, but you are 15 or 70, don’t worry, this might still be the perfect store for you! Especially if your self-perception is like some 20-35.



Woman, Man

  • Woman 100% 100%
  • Man 0% 0%

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  • Intellectual 75% 75%
  • Practical 0% 0%
  • Emotional 0% 0%
  • Sensual 25% 25%

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van penn store front
van penn details

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